It takes 75 litres of water to make your jeans. Can it be brought down to zero?

Date: Nov 06,2019

Categories: Textile News

Textile is one of the largest water consuming industries, next only to power and steel. Manufacturing clothes is water intensive, but technological innovations can make it possible to manufacture your favourite pair of denim without a drop of water. Reinvention has been their armour of choice and they swear by it. The rationale isn’t unfounded. Back in the 80s, when large composite mills in India faced an existential threat due to the coming of power looms, Arvind turned to a business strategy that put an emphasis on international markets and top notch premium fabrics. The result? The co...


Date: Oct 18,2019

Categories: Textile News

World Trade Organization (WTO) hosted the World Cotton Day (WCD) in Geneva on October 07 for the first time aiming to celebrate the benefits of cotton, ranging from its qualities as a natural fiber to the people obtaining from its production, transformation, trade and consumption. World Cotton Day also aims to highlight the challenges that the world’s cotton economies face, as cotton is significant for the underdeveloped, developing and developed economies worldwide. The WTO Secretariat organized the event in collaboration with the Secretariats of the United Nations Food and Agricultu...


Date: Sep 19,2019

Categories: Textile News

Growth in fibre consumption would average annually around 3 to 4 percent. Cotton is a valuable fiber in the mix for the textile sector. According to inputs from global brands, the industry can consume up to 31 mn metric tonne of cotton, said Robert van de Kerkhof, Chief Commercial Officer of Lenzing AG, Austria. According to van de Kerkhof, new products can have blends of cotton with Lyocell to enhance attributes like strength. United States-based Cotton Incorporated is al...

How to increase India’s textile exports?

Date: Sep 07,2019

Categories: Textile News

Better infrastructure networks and credit facilities are required to boost textile exports.espite its size, India's textile industry has struggled on the global market. India’s share in global textile exports has declined while countries like Bangladesh and Vietnam are expanding their market share. A new study suggests India’s textile exports are constrained by high costs, unhelpful ...


Date: Aug 30,2019

Categories: Textile News

The declaration by the Northern India Textiles Mills Association (NITMA) on Tuesday that the industry saw one third decline in exports in the first quarter of the current fiscal has come to haunt the cotton growers of the region. According to NITMA, the higher minimum support price (MSP) for cotton in India was making their produce internationally uncompetitive. It is said cotton from US was cheap than India and China, which was a big market for the Indian yarn, was favouring Pakistan for cotton imports. Farmers are worried that these trends will affect the market prices of cotton, the h...

Textiles minister Smriti Irani launches sustainable fashion project

Date: Aug 26,2019

Categories: Textile News

Union Minister for Textiles Smriti Zubin Irani has launched a project which aims to move towards sustainable fashion that contributes to a clean environment. Project sustainable resolution, which involves 16 leading retail fashion brands, reflects the thought of Mahatma Gandhi and is a step towards responsible and smart business, she said here on Thursday night. "Never before have 16 of the biggest brands of India come together to save the earth. The combined industry value of the the 16 signatories to the resolution is around Rs 30,000 crore. "Everything we consume, we have to consum...

Textile exports increase 3pc in July

Date: Aug 23,2019

Categories: Textile News

The exports of textile group from the country witnessed increase of 3.12 percent during the first month of current financial year as compared to the exports of the corresponding month of last year, State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) reported. During the month of July, 2019 textile products worth $1226.565 million exported as against the $1189.436 million during the same month of last year, showing increase of 3.12 percent. The textile commodities that contributed positively in external trade included knitwear, export of which grew from $249.076 million last year to $262.453 million during the per...

Gujarat textile units want cap on solar machinery be raised

Date: Aug 20,2019

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Under the Solar Energy Credit initiative, an integral part of the scheme, the central government is providing a subsidy of 50% to power loom units having maximum eight looms for adopting solar energy for captive use either in grid or off grid system. Even as the much-publicized Power Tex India scheme aimed at development of power loom sector completes its stipulated three years by March 2020 and the central government is indicating its intent to continue it with some modifications, Gujarat-based textile units have demanded to enhance cap on the solar machinery...

Viscose yarn imports jump hurting local spinners: ITF

Date: Aug 09,2019

Categories: Textile News

There is a huge jump in imports of viscose yarn compared to the previous year, which is hurting domestic yarn manufacturing spinning mills, according to the Indian Texpreneurs Federation (ITF). This can be addressed if the domestic spinning industry is able to buy viscose fibre at international prices and is also protected from low-priced yarn imports. In recent years, the demand ...

Liva announces entry in saree category

Date: Aug 06,2019

Categories: Textile News

After seeing the great success in the brands and women apparel categories like stoles, kurtis, and leggings, Liva, a new-age fabric from Aditya Birla Group, will now enter into the saree category. Liva will announce its entry into the saree segment at the Kolkata Fashion Expo—India’s largest saree event, to be held on August 6, 2019 in the city. Sponsored and presented by Liva, the ...