Textile industry seeks protection from high import growth

Textile industry seeks protection from high import growth



The textile industry is seeking the government’s protection from high growth of imports as the sector could not compete in both domestic and international markets. According to data from
Statistics Indonesia (BPS), export growth in the textile industry has been just 3 percent annually over the last 10 years, while import growth was 20 percent annually in the same period.

Indonesian All Textile Experts Association (IKATSI) chairman Suharno Rusdi said the textile industry was currently in very bad condition because the domestic market was flooded by
imported products. “If it is allowed to happen continuously, it would endanger our textile industry and textile products because we will rely on imported products and the local textile industry will further lose its domestic market,” he said on Monday.

Textile industry seeks protection from high import growth. “The existence of such a law is urgent for the national industry. IKATSI will struggle to support the birth of such a law,” he said.
Indonesian Filament and Fiber Producers Association (APSyFI) secretary-general Redma Gita Wirawasta made a similar statement, saying the upcoming Idul Fitri celebration should be used
as an opportunity by the government to protect local textile products from the storm of imported products.

“In the last five years, Indonesia’s local textiles could not benefit from Idul Fitri because of the entry of thousands of containers of textile products to the Indonesian market,” Redma said,
adding that in 2017, Finance Minister Mr. Mulyani Indrawati tried to stop the massive entry of textile products, but it only lasted six months.


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